Tiny Play Box - Ten fun games in one , toddlers and preschool aged children

Tiny Play Box is a great preschool app with fun illustrations and educational activities, for kids aged 5 and under. That will allow your child to learn using motor,numbers and problem solving skills and increasing the using of the brain and also having fun at the same time. No ads or in-app purchase / outbound links, a safe environment for your kids. 

No ads or in-app purchase / outbound links, a safe environment for your kids. 


Get your child’s fine motor and memory skills up to speed, with a fast and fun game that engages your child while he or she matches two cards. 

Get your child’s fine motor skills up to speed while he or she feeds the right gnome with the right food. The game is fast-paced but allows your little one unlimited time to make decisions. 

Catch the Gnomes 
Move Eddie to the left and right to catch the falling gnomes. The gnomes blink before falling, giving your child plenty of time to work on his or her hand-eye coordination. 

Feast Time 
Turn a torrent of gnomes into squeezy toys before they can get to the delicious feast. The fun sound effects and star rewards will keep kids engaged and happy. 

Paint Box 
Unleash your child’s inner artist with this paint box of bright colors that encourages free-form play. Draw what you want, on what you want. 

Go Fish 
This light-hearted game displays the ‘hat or hair’ which gnome children must drag up from the sea into a boat. Kids will work on matching and fine motor skills while earning stars and chasing down the big catch. 

The Circus 
Bounce a cartoon ball back and forth on a playful scene by tapping each of the bears at the correct time. Kids will be captivated while trying to keep the match going as long as possible. 

Snack Time 
A happy chef serves up tasty food and it’s your child’s task to make sure the right gnome gets fed. Match up delicious veggies and meat to the right plate to make a hungry gnome very happy. 

Cheese Magic 
The King Mouse is hungry so Baby Mouse has to make sure he stays fed. Kids will drag baby mouse from the cheese to King Mouse and back again, making sure King Mouse is plenty full while working on fine motor skills. 

Into Space 
Drag the grumpy owl through the space to pop the gnomes. Grumpy owl will sink if you let go, so kids will be busy keeping him aloft while guiding him left or right to pop those pesky gnomes.

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