tiny shapes

Tiny Shapes

Tiny Shapes is the enjoyable and entertaining game for iOS. This is not only a game but it has been made educational as well. Approviders Ltd also kept in mind the importance of educating the young minds so they came up with a new educational block puzzle game app they named Tiny Shapes.

In this game, the players should focus their attention in finding the right block judging from form, colors and size to fit well inside the correct hole. It will engage children in enjoyment and problem-solving state wherein they need to find the right and suitable solution to the game.

Approviders Ltd offers Tiny Shapes without in-app purchase or ads or outbound links. This makes this newest game for iOS a secured environment for kids. In this cool game for toddlers, there are 4 kinds of triangles, block squares, pentagons and circles. There are forty five levels wherein all of the blocks are arbitrarily generated. No levels are equal.

The red colored blocks are the known to be the hardest ones and they should be pushed using another block so that they can be moved. As the game progresses, the difficulty also increases and this will make playing the game a more exciting experience for kids. Along with that, the game teaches them with the different shapes and kids will find it easier to memorize those figures through the help of this game. The choice to set and modify the difficulty level is discretionary to parents.

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