tiny spheres

Tiny Spheres

Even at their small age, toddlers are eager to explore the world, find and learn something new. While at their age letting them alone in the outside world is not an option, you can easily fulfill their learning needs with the help of educational applications, and Tiny Spheres is the prime example in this regard.

Tiny Spheres is a one of a kind application that is comprised of multiple problem solving, color matching and fine motor activities that are suitable for kids of all ages. What makes this set of activities stand out is the fact that they are interactive and very colorful, so the kid will have a lot of fun as he improves the math and problem solving skills.

Moreover, the app brings numerous finger and hand activities that use the multi-touch technology to immerse the kids in a wonderful land where learning and fun are the only things that matter. Training the skills of a child is not as easy as you might think, as it does require a lot of commitment and teaching materials, but Tiny Spheres successfully manages to do this without any hassle.

In order to make the game even more engaging, the difficulty will increase gradually while your child plays, so he will have the opportunity to increase his skills and put them to the test. Of course, parents do have the opportunity to change and set the difficult level if they want, but the best thing is to leave the child play with the normal level of difficulty and increase his skill while playing.

It’s important to know that Tiny Spheres provides an interactive environment that is fully safe for your child. There is no violence or in-app purchases, once you get the application it’s yours to keep and you can use it for as long as you want.

The music that comes with the application is also suitable for kids, as it brings some relaxing, cute and catchy tunes that will certainly appeal to your child.

Moreover, when it comes to games diversity is the key. Kids always want something new and exciting, and thankfully the game delivers each and every time. The characters in Tiny Spheres are very funny and colorful, so your kid will interact with them at all times. They are specifically created to engage your child in pursuing the activities.

All the activities are built to increase the problem solving as well as agility skill of your child, so Tiny Spheres is definitely an educational game that should be installed on the mobile devices of any parent. The application has just been launched so both kids and parents can enjoy it right away, just go ahead and give it a try right now!

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